Pupil Services

Brian Newell
Brian Newell
Coordinator of Pupil Personnel

The Pupil Services department is designed to assist the instructional program and to help students achieve their physical, emotional, personal, social, educational, and career goals.  This assistance is accomplished through support in the following areas:  

  • Attendance
  • Alternate placement
  • Discipline
  • District policies
  • Health services
  • Home instruction
  • Student Records

It is the goal of the Pupil Services department to provide optimal teaching and learning conditions for students so that they may attain the knowledge and competencies necessary to derive the maximum benefit from the instructional program.


Lead School Nurse
Alesha Stringfellow, R.N.
Preschool, Arrowood, Cox, Xenia High School

School Nurse
Alison Beach, R. N.
McKinley, Shawnee, Tecumseh, Warner Middle School

Darla Gray, L.P.N.
Arrowood, Warner Middle School