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Peer Assistance and Review

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The Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Program is a resource to assist teachers in growing professionally.  Xenia Community Schools has developed two models for the PAR Program which assists teachers in various areas of professional learning.  The two models are the PAR One-on-One and the PAR Group.  Each model is available to all teachers employed by Xenia Community Schools and can be customized to fit individual needs. 

The PAR One-on-One consists of one Consultant and one Client.  There is a pool of Consultants that have chosen to assist another teacher in lesson planning, teaching strategies, formative instructional practices, assessment documentation, and much more.  The Consultant and Client meet throughout the school year to set goals and create a plan that will assist the Client in completing the goals.

The Par Group consists of one or more Group Facilitators who plan and present professional learning to other teachers.  The facilitators may plan a Book Study, Make-and-Take, Work Session, or any other way that effectively enhances professional learning.

To sign up for the PAR One-on-One model, fill out an Interest Form and send it to Jason Hofmann at Central Office, or email Jason at

To sign up for the PAR Group model, fill out a Proposal Form and send it to Jason Hofmann at Central Office, or email Jason at

Every required form is given to you when you sign up for the PAR Program.  All forms used in the PAR Program are available electronically.

PAR Electronic Forms

To recieve a form saved in .pages, email to request a Pages form, or click on the Pages Icon () below to send a pre-typed email to Jason Hofmann.

PAR One-on-One

PAR One-on-One Criteria

PAR One-on-One Interest Form     

PAR One-on-One Binder

  • PAR Roadmap    
  • PAR Long-term Goals    
  • PAR Monthly Goals    
  • PAR Meeting Logs 
  • PAR Consultant Reflection    
  • PAR Client Reflection    


PAR Group

PAR Group Criteria

PAR Group Proposal Form    

PAR Group Binder

  • PAR Group Sign-In Form
  • PAR Group 5 STEPS    
  • PAR Group Participant Reflection