Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week - Mrs. Saylor & Mrs. Scheerchmidt

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Every day, teachers touch the lives of children and their impact extends far beyond the classroom. Although we can’t ever thank them enough for their work, we can take a moment during National Teacher Appreciation Week to share our appreciation for the special educators who call Xenia home. The following two teachers are recognized for their dedication to Xenia’s students, demonstrated by their excellence in the classroom. In total, we're recognizing eight teachers this week.

Robin Saylor, Literacy Teacher, Cox Elementary School

Robin Saylor has taught in Xenia for 31 years. The first 26 years of her career she taught second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades. The last five years she has taught Literacy, instilling a love of reading in her students.

Mrs. Saylor has fostered ongoing relationships with many of her students and have even had their children and grandchildren in her class. She was drawn to teaching after her experiences during summer camp in her youth.

“I would teach or show kids something, and it might take them a bit of time to get the hang of it, but when I saw their ‘aha moment’ that’s when I knew I made a difference,” she said.

Cox Elementary is like family, she said, which fosters a safe atmosphere for students to take risks in their learning and to be reminded that making mistakes is how we learn.


“Our future is sitting in our classrooms. It’s my job to see that each child has the opportunity to shoot for the moon and to know that at the very least they will land among the stars,” Mrs. Saylor said.

Mrs. Saylor believes in her students and that is evident in her work, said Lisa Patterson, Cox Elementary Principal.


Julie Scheerchmidt, 4th and 5th Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher, Tecumseh Elementary School

Julie Scheerchmidt has worked in Xenia Community Schools for 13 years. She previously taught preschool and first grade. She lives in Xenia.

“It is nice to run across former students in the community and hear about the great things they are up to,” she said.

Mrs. Scheerchmidt uses assessments to help guide instruction, based on her students’ specific learning targets. She consistently measures her students’ progress throughout the year.

“Mrs. Scheerchmidt focuses on individual student needs and adjusts her lessons accordingly. She continuously revisits previously taught skills to ensure students are mastering the content,” said Cathryn Petticrew, Tecumseh Elementary Principal.

It was her third grade teacher who inspired Mrs. Scheerchmidt to become a teacher.

“I wanted to be just like her,” she said. “My decision to become a teacher never wavered from that time in third grade.”

Mrs. Scheerchmidt can imagine many of her students as future successful leaders in their community.

“I really enjoy working with these children because they work hard and they are fun to be around. They enjoy learning,” Mrs. Scheerchmidt said. “Xenia students have good character traits. They are kind and considerate of others, they persevere, and are willing to go the extra mile to accomplish their goals. My students make teaching fun and rewarding.”

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