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april kids of character

April's Kids of Character were presented with Pride Certificates at the April 9 Xenia Board of Education Meeting:

  • Raelynn Moore is Central Preschool's Kid of Character for April. Raelynn demonstrates good character every day. She loves coming to school and arrives with a smile on her face. She never has to be reminded to put materials away and even helps her classmates put their materials away. Raelynn is especially helpful with the younger students in her class. She makes sure they are where they are supposed to be and have everything they need. She is a good friend to all. Raelynn puts forth her best effort every day. Mrs. Fleming says Raelynn is a joy to have in class.
  • Varun Verma is Arrowood Elementary's Kid of Character for April. His teacher, Mrs. Haught, remarks that Varun is very helpful and respectful to his peers and teachers. He works hard and always has a 'can do' attitude when he is challenged. Varun is calm and patient.
  • Logan Stanley is Cox Elementary's Kid of Character for April. Logan was nominated by his teacher, Mrs. Volgesong. She remarked that Logan is a very caring young man. He is kind to all students and is always giving encouraging words to other children. Logan loves to help others. He is especially kind to a child in class that needs extra assistance during lessons. Logan makes sure the child is working on what the rest of the class is working on and if the child becomes upset and frustrated, Logan talks to him and tries to calm him down. Logan shows so much compassion to others. 
  • Abigail Hutchins is McKinley Elementary's Kid of Character for April. Abby is a straight A student who is such a delight to have in class. She exemplifies all the great qualities of positive behavior that mold a student into a future, outstanding citizen. She is responsible, respectful, kind, polite, and always tries her best to do what's right. Abigail is a goal setter and a well-rounded student. She hopes to one day travel to every state, visit historical places, and wants to become a veterinarian when she grows up. Abby is involved in the LEGO robotics team and qualified to go to the Dayton Area Regional LEGO tournament held at Wright State University - her team earned first place for their research project. 
  • Brennon Skaggs is Shawnee Elementary's Kid of Character for April. Brennon exemplifies the fairness character trait. Brennon has been assigned the job of taking down all the chairs each morning and when he finishes, he gets to move his clip up for helping. However, if someone helps him with this task, he wants the other student to move their clip up too so they can also receive recognition for helping. Also, Brennon never tries to get out of order in line because he knows that it is fair if all students stay in number order while in line. 
  • John Escalon is Tecumseh Elementary's Kid of Character for April. John deserves to be the kid of character for this month because he always carefully thinks through his actions and the possible consequences, and decides to do the right thing. John is a PAX leader daily as he follows school rules and does his personal best each day on his work. John is consistently kind to others and spreads his great attitude wherever he goes.
  • Madison Avey is Warner Middle's Kid of Character for April. Madison is always prepared for the day and takes her academic career very serious. She has earned Honor Roll this entire school year. She is always smiling and ready to take on a new challenge in the classroom. One characteristic that sets Madison apart from others is her humility. Although she is quiet, she is always willing to help her classmates and her teachers. This quality carries on at home where she often helps her mom. Madison is a student who rises above to do what is right. She is kind and courteous to all. Her attitude toward school and her peers makes a positive impact on the climates for students at Warner.
  • Caroline Prindle is Xenia High School's Kid of Character for April. She is an incredibly bright young lady with an outgoing and positive attitude. She stays involved with plays and musicals, she is in Color Guard, and dresses up for school spirit days. 


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