Fight the Summer Slide

summer slide

Fight the summer slide! Students who do not read consistantly during the summer can lose the progress they made during the school year. Students can also lose math skills during the summer months. We have compiled a list of free online resources. 


Find a Book - this free online resource helps students create personalize reading lists and helps to locate the books at a local library or store. Enter the child's grade, pick books that match their interests, and view the search results.


LITERACY BAGS - For Grades K-3

These nine Beach Bags for grades K-3 feature stories and activities that let children practice reading skills while learning about careers and the environment. Click on the title to download the content:


SUMMER MATH CHALLENGE - June 18 through July 27

The Summer Math Challenge helps to combat the learning loss that students may experience in the summer months. Children may lose up to 2 months of learning progress in math skills during the summer! The Summer Math Challenge is a free math-skills program based on grade level standards. The program is for students in grades 1-8 and is designed to help students retain the math skills they learned during the previous school year. As part of the Summer Math Challenge, parents receive daily emails with activities and links to educational resources. 


BOOK NOOK - Create Video Trailers

Book Nook - explore, share and create video trailers for books.



The Association of Library Service for Children has summer reading lists for all ages.



IXK is an online resource for grade-level math skills. 


Camp INFOhio - For Grades 4-5

Camp INFOhio is five days of reading, activities, and experiments centered on STEAM topics - STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. Kids can try code breaking, conduct science experiments with kitchen items, learn about rollercoasters, and create a musical intrument. 


IWonder - Websites for Students

IWonder is a collection of website chosen by librarians, for students to use for research. 


OGT Prep For Students

Students will need to create an account, but it is free - click here.


EOC Practice

End-of-Course Exams Practice resources.

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