Central Registration

Tammy Newsock
EMIS Coordinator

The Xenia Community School District uses a centralized enrollment process. All enrollment forms must be picked up from and returned to the Central Enrollment Office, located at the Board of Education building located at 819 Colorado Dr. Xenia, Ohio 45385.

An appointment is needed for registration. Please contact the Central Registration Office at 937-376-2961 to schedule an appointment. Students are not required to attend the registration appointment.

All of the following must be presented at the time of registration:

1) Completed student enrollment forms

  • These forms are available through the Central Registration Office.

2) Certified student birth certificate, hospital birth record or passport

  • Certified birth certificates can be obtained through the public health department in the city or county where
    your child was born or by contacting the office of Vital Statistics in the Ohio Department of Health.

3) Photo identification of the parent/custodial parent/legal guardian

  • Photo identification must be a driver’s license or state-issued photo identification.

4) Immunization Record

  • The documentation must include immunizations your child has received or is in the process of receiving.

5) Individualized education plan (IEP)

  • If your child has an IEP from a previous school, please provide a copy at the time of enrollment.

6) Proof of custody

  • In the event of a legal separation or divorce, the parent who has legal custody must provide a complete copy of the court-ordered custody agreement that indicates the parent is the residential custodial parent of the child for school purposes.

  • If the parent’s last name is different from the student’s, a copy of the marriage certificate or proof of name change must be submitted.

7) Proof of residency

  • Lease

  • Rent Receipt

  • Current Utility Bill

  • Affadavit for proof of residency may be required 

Items requested for student placement: (Failure to provide the items listed below will not delay the registration process however; they will be requested from the child’s previous school)

1) For students entering 7th or 8th grade:

  • Copy of standardized testing scores and most recent report card

2) For students entering High School:

  • Copy of transcript and most recent test scores (Note: After initial registration, you will need to make an appointment with a guidance counselor in order to create the student’s schedule by contacting the high school at 937-562-9915).


  • Immunizations