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The Xenia Football Program honored several former coaches at half time of the final game of the 2014 season.

The football program celebrates 115 years of Xenia Football. There have been multiple NFL players and a steady stream of NCAA athletes come through the program in that time. Those young men built the program and the traditions. There have been countless players who went to Service Academies ...and served the country through the military. Our successful alumni span the globe in all areas of enterprise. The team has celebrated the history all season long and  we honored some of the living leaders of that history.

Don Middleton is a 1950 graduate of Xenia High School. He served as Head Football Coach from 1967 and 1968 winning 14 games. The 1968 team was 9 and 1 and remains of the three best seasons in Xenia history. Don served as Athletic Director from 1973 until 1985. Don could not attend so his plaque was accepted for him by Mack Bottorff.

Jack Harbaugh was the Head Football Coach at Xenia for just 1 year but what a special year it was. The 1966 Xenia Bucs were 8-1 and League Champs. The star of that Xenia Team was Doug Adams, who became a super soph at Ohio State and then a Cincinnati Bengal. Jack went on to a tremendous college coaching career which led to national championships and 2 rather famous coaching sons. The legacy of Doug Adams lives to this day in the Adams Fitness Center and in the Adams Trust which continues to build the Buc program. Jack contacted us this week and asked us to express to the Xenia Bucs his appreciation for his year here. He keeps in touch with friends here to this day.

Earl Knight served as Head Football Coach at Xenia from 1969 to 1973 recording 28 wins. He played for the legendary Sid Gillman at the University of Cincinnati. The five years as head coach don’t do justice to what Earl Knight has meant to the Xenia program. Earl and his wife, Syd, are synonymous with Xenia Football and Giving. They served the Xenia program for over 35 years. They are the namesakes for the Syd and Earl Knight Award for Volunteerism. The award is given each year at the winter football fundraiser to people who volunteer their time, efforts, and talents to Xenia Football. Syd and Earl are community treasures. We thank them for their service!

Mike Anderson served as Head Football Coach here at Xenia from 1974 to 1990. Known as Iron Mike, his 85 wins is the most by a coach in the 115 years of Xenia Football. Mike's 1985 team was Western Ohio League Champs. Mike provided consistent competitiveness for 17 seasons. Mike rode out the 1974 tornado in Cox Stadium with the track team. Ironically, Mike, Scott, and Coach Mack Bottorff all coached on Coach DeLong’s undefeated 1998 team at Tecumseh High School. Accepting Mike's award on his behalf was his son, Scott.

Bob Zolman was named the coach following the 1990 year where winter sports were canceled in Xenia. The few remaining players were held together and Xenia slowly began to recover from the loss of so many players. Bob Zolman served as coach for three seasons. He is the last coach to beat Centerville and Wayne in the same season. Bob continues to help with quarterbacks to this day.

Dick Kirschbaum was Head Football Coach at Xenia between 1994 and 1998. Xenia was competitive in those years but lacked depth, still recovering from the 1990 exodus. Dick completed his coaching career in 2005. He was a Division 1 head coach from 1972 to 2005 winning 181 games.

Paul Jenne served as Head Football Coach at Xenia from 1998 to 2003. He was a part of 38 wins in those years including 1 Western Ohio League Championship and a GWOC title. This is Paul’s first year away from coaching and we are excited to have him back at Xenia. The 1998 and 2001 teams are still considered among the best to play here at Xenia.

Ed Mignery came to Xenia High School the first time in 1975. He was the head wrestling coach for Xenia’s first individual state champion, Vaughn Broadnax. He concluded a very successful 27 year head coaching career by being the Head Football Coach at Xenia from 2004 until 2008. Ed’s 2006 team was GWOC South Co-Champs. Ironically, Fairborn Coach Roy Thobe was the Defensive Coordinator on 2 of Coach Mignery’s finest teams during his Hamilton years.

Thank you to all of Xenia's former coaches!


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CONGRATUALTIONS TO MR. PETE STEPHAN...this year's recipient of the Syd and Earl Knight Award for Volunteerism. Pete's behind the scenes efforts have updated the infastructure of Xenia football. Thank you, Pete, for your devotion to Xenia football. Pictured above is Mr. Stephan with Mrs. Edna Adams.

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